Take note, Daniel Tosh: this was both about rape, and funny.

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Questionyoure a privileged white cis male who should shut the fuck up about womens issues Answer

You’re literally the worst person in the world.

Where’s your outrage at women who are stoned to death because they talk about being in love in Afghanistan?

Where’s your outrage about the millions of people in America who are incarcerated for minor drug offenses?

Where’s your outrage about the 22,000 children who DIE of hunger every day worldwide, and the 20 million children who live in poverty the United States, the richest, most powerful nation in the world?

Where’s your outrage over energy companies pillaging our planet because it’s cheaper than investing in newer, cleaner, safer sources?

Where’s your outrage when religious people try to keep rights- reproductive, marriage, adoptive, or otherwise from people they disagree with, simply because of a third century work of fiction?

Where’s your outrage? Where the fuck is it? It doesn’t exist, because you couldn’t give a god damn about people other than yourself, and your thin-skinned, morally bankrupt, tunnel-visioned version of the world you think you deserve because you’re a special person because you took a semester of freshman sociology and were “keyed in” by your “cool” professor.

You know what, I’m sorry. You’re probably very busy bitching on the internet about one terrible comedian who told a joke in a comedy club to go out an volunteer, or donate in some way to try and make this planet better somehow. Forgive me.

I’ll say again: You’re literally the worst person in the world. I hate you.


List of Comedians that are being unapologetically dense about this issue:

  • Jim Norton (“Why is it okay for an actor to play a rapist, but not for a comic to joke about it?”)
  • Louis C.K. (“your show makes me laugh every time I watch it. And you have pretty eyes”) 
  • Patton Oswalt (“Wow, @danieltosh had to apologize to a self-aggrandizing, idiotic blogger. Hope I never have to do that (again).”)
  • Dane Cook (“If you journey through life easily offended by other peoples words I think it’s best for everyone if you just kill yourself”)
  • Anthony Jeselnik (“An offended audience member repeating a comedian’s act from memory is worse than, literally, anything”)
  • Stevie Ryan (“Daniel Tosh can’t make a rape joke but Eminem can have hit songs about it? PS. AIDS jokes are funnier”)
  • Doug Stanhope (“You’re hilarious. If you ever apologize to a heckler again I will rape you. #FuckThatPig”) — wow.
  • Opie Radio (“To all the idiots! I completely support Daniel Tosh being a comic in a comedy club! Even if it means rape jokes!”)
  • Kumail Nanjiani (“Two things about the Tosh thing. 1. It was said in the moment and not a pre written thing. 2. If you think he’s pro rape you’re an idiot.”) — this one, though. as though it makes it better that it was an off-the-cuff comment. don’t you see how revealing that is about him and his values?
  • Sarah Beattie (“calm down about rape jokes everyone’s been raped at least once by george lucas”)
  • Doug Benson (“Maybe Daniel Tosh was confused about where he was. He wouldn’t have offended anyone over at the Rape Factory. #ThisTweetWillBeDeletedSoon”)

Just so you have a list and can see how horrible people are all in one place

Rape jokes are almost never funny. They really just aren’t. There’s almost no situation, no person, no premise, where they would be. Until one is. And at that point, I would be the first to laugh.

Why does rape get a special cordon? What about black jokes? Jokes where white people use the N word? Jokes about death, or disease, and poverty are all acceptable, yet rape jokes aren’t? That is one thing, and one thing only: sheer hypocrisy.

Black jokes are funny. Gay jokes are funny. White people jokes are funny. Jokes about women in the kitchen, jokes about stupid bumbling husbands. Jokes about the disabled, and jokes about Asians who are good at tests but bad at driving can be HILARIOUS. Jokes about recently deceased public figures, or homophobic celebrities are (or can be) funny.

So why do rape jokes get almost universally labelled as out-of-bounds? I think it’s because it’s actually one half of the population against the other. Regardless of class, race, orientation, or anything else, it’s mostly male comedians (most of whom happen to be unfunny), versus every single woman ever. And that’s not cool.

A joke is either funny, or not. There can be no limits on what a comedian can say, otherwise he or she has lost all purpose of their commentary. People who want to silence rape jokes are just as bad as people who wanted to silence George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, or Richard Pryor just because they cursed, used foul language, and/or disparaged people in power.

You want to be mad at Daniel Tosh? Fine. Be mad at him. I’m mad at him too, mostly because he just isn’t funny- he’s childish and useless, regurgitating the swill that the internet churns out day in, day out, 24/7 365. But don’t dare try to silence him because of a specific premise of a joke.

You want to prohibit jokes that offend people? Good for you, do it, try it.  But if you want to prohibit only rape jokes or jokes that you don’t like? I say Fuck you, you uptight, humorless, cherry-picking, tunnel-visioned, waste of space. The world doesn’t need you, or your useless, inane crying. Get a hobby- take up knitting. Collect stamps.

Or do the world a favor, and buy a cat and die alone.

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Jokes can be noble. Laughs are exactly as honorable as tears. Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion, to the futility of thinking and striving anymore. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward — and since I can start thinking and striving again that much sooner.

—Kurt Vonnegut, Palm Sunday



Oooh the irony!

Nothing says good old biblical-family-fun like selling your sister to a Canaanite.

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Drive-through Apology.

For little to no reason what so ever Rebecca attempted to hit peter with her car, I convinced her to apologize to him but, she wouldn’t get out of the car, so the drive-though was the best option.

They also know the names of the employees at the Wendys outside of town.